[Papapics] Previews - CONCERT TOUR 2009-2010

escrito por Leiran Saturday, January 2, 2010

ENTRE TANTOS DILEMAS  que si nYc Boys y Hey Say jump, parece que nos kitan la vida,
al parecer para Hey Say JUMP no tiene tanta importancia, pues como ellos mismos lo han dicho
"en este concierto estamos mas unidos"

Look! Yabu was in the concert XDDD hahaha PaperYabu is so Sexy (*^*)


Credits to poukusan194@Yahooauctions

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  1. angelchann Says:

  3. Bell Says:
  4. Dioooooos! Muchas graciaaas! Por primera vez un concierto de la JE con vestuarios decentes (menos el de Romeo and Juliet )
    Yamada esta guapisimo...guapisimo, guapisimooooo (y medio delgado tambien )
    Las quiero en HQ *______________*

  5. thank you so much for these~!

  6. peichan03 Says:

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. LOL oh my god i love their jeans clothing. so casual
    yamada looks slightly taller than daiki

  10. monkey_amy Says:
  11. waaa thank you
    spot alot of YamaChii

  12. wintergreenn Says:
  13. thanks!

    these made my day :)

  14. shami Says:
  15. thank you so much for sharing~
    i saw Ariyama ~ xD, I'm happy because they're so much fun~^^

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. DL-ing..

    banzai YAMACHII!! lol at yabu!! ♥ ~(≧∀≦!! )

    is it just me or does yuma looks like a girl..

  18. yumiko30 Says:
  19. Thank you so much!!!!! :D
    Yabu's not there...T.T
    Oh well....
    Too much member-ai! XD

  20. satsukisora Says:
  21. ROFL! If they don't use that paper Yabu anymore, they could send to my house,i'll treasure that of course 8DDD

    Thank you so much for sharing <3

  22. hahaha!!!

    LOL at YABU!!!

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. thank you ne~

  25. sarachii Says:
  26. huwa!! kakkoii!!

  27. Georgiana Says:
  28. Why wasn't Yabu in the concert? *heartbroken*

  29. miss_nicy Says:
  30. Thanks for sharing.
    I like Yabu cardboard

  31. fanny-arioka Says:
    *se muere* xDDDD...
    hahahahah lol con el yabuu D:
    pero no apareceee ;w; porqeee D: ?

  33. rinkaarh Says:
  34. ohhh yay~
    they're so awesome! thanks sooo muchly!

  35. ohmygooooooooood. i worship you. god. god. this is heaven. ryuu and keito are so cute naaa! BIG THANKS! *hugs* brb dying hahah

  36. captxfizz Says:
  37. OHMYGOD. Wow...this post is sheer awesomeness! ♥ Thanks so much! You've totally made my day! :DD (Haha...the Yamachii love is kind of overwhelming xD)

  38. Thx you so much!!!!!!!!! >____< Love you~!!!!!!! XDD

  39. zaichan18 Says:
  40. can u email all of this to my email add??can u? please?

  41. yuki-koushi Says:
  42. Thank you very much xD Lol at Yabu, so cute ! I want this paper :P

  43. cattscartch Says:
  44. thanks so much for posting this!
    yabu was so cute!

  45. amuylove Says:
  46. Thank you so much


  47. silyangpilak Says:
  48. thank you!~

  49. Anonymous Says:
  50. Thank you so much for this! ^__^

  51. __Piyoko__ Says:
  52. thank you so much ><
    can I repost?

  53. hirogime Says:
  54. okay, yamachii... is love, hm... where is yamajima then? WHERE??? ah, there, one in the corner. ;_;
    Yabu, good job, -_-d


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