[Scans] CUT- ARashi - Men of the Year 2009

escrito por Leiran Saturday, December 19, 2009

[Scans] CUT- ARashi - Men of the Year 2009


CREDITS TO [jO.iN] SUOCOM. reuploadAznongaku

if you repost put the complete credits

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  1. malu186 Says:
  2. wow they look so cool >.<
    thanks for sharing ^^

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. wow, looking good arashi!! *___*

    thank you!

  5. faeez Says:
  6. men of the year.. DEFINITELY!!!!

    so hot!!! :)


  7. arum14 Says:
  8. sankyuuu for sharing

  9. eliyeung Says:
  10. Thank you so much for sharing! They're really Men of the Year!

  11. charingyu Says:
  12. thanks!! will wait for MF XD just ran out of MU quotas :P

  13. camaronzin Says:
  14. Gracias ^^

  15. marszz Says:
  16. Taking! <3 Thanks! will upload it in mediafire. :)

  17. marszz Says:
  18. Here it is in MF: http://www.mediafire.com/?kt3towwyngt

  19. swtcamden Says:
  20. Thank you!!!

  21. laupi Says:
  22. thank you so much!!!! I love the black&white pictures!!!<3

  23. tippyrose Says:
  24. Thanks so much.

  25. kiscsopp Says:
  26. Thank you!

  27. 5017874 Says:
  28. arashi looks amazing here^.^thank you!

  29. Leiran Says:
  30. TNX MArszzz you are really love *kisses*

  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. Thank you so much!! These are amazing *_*

  33. yuriko Says:
  34. thanks<33333

  35. mikamichael Says:
  36. they looked so cool,,
    thanks for sharing

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! no no ke mal esto no pude ser bueno... se ven demasiado geniales *0*
    me encantan las fotos
    arigatou Zaku!!!!

  39. miung Says:
  40. ♥________________________________________♥ I must buy it!!

  41. Thank you for sharing! They look so cool in this photoshoot♥

  42. hatori8 Says:
  43. Thanks for sharing!! ^^

  44. belovedmao Says:
  45. thank you for sharing!!!!

  46. arashic0804 Says:
  47. thanks XD

  48. theahhmoment Says:
  49. Thank you! <3 If it's not too much to ask, and if you have some free time, do you mind to scan the Eita pages too? Thanks in advance! <3

  50. Anonymous Says:
  51. Kakkoi~
    Thank you!

  52. douri0604 Says:
  53. Thank you so much! ^^

  54. mojojowan Says:
  55. thank you so much!! :D

  56. Anonymous Says:
  57. wow..
    thank you
    men of the year 2009 indeed

  58. newcellie Says:
  59. arigatooo <3

  60. Anonymous Says:
  61. Thank you for sharing

  62. shelketuesti Says:
  63. I really need to get this issue by myself */////*

    Thank you for sharing <3

  64. Whifling Says:
  65. So cool XD They look great^^ Thank you <3

  66. giddymorose Says:
  67. Oooh lovely photos - they all look great! Thank you :D

  68. Anonymous Says:
  69. muchas gracias x las fotos de los chicos se ven muy sexy.

  70. dwyanne Says:
  71. Thank you so much!!

  72. Anonymous Says:
  73. Thanks for this one.
    They are really look gorgeous!
    Nino looks stiff on one of the pictures :P

  74. bostumppeh Says:
  75. Thanks for sharing!

  76. bubbledrops Says:
  77. thank you soo much for sharing :>
    thats cooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Thanks for sharing! :)

  79. mars_anch Says:
  80. thank you so much

    they're so cool!!


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