escrito por Zaku Monday, August 23, 2010

Estas son solo algunas preview del concierto que los chicos estan teniendo por estos dias, me encantan las poses y mas aun sus caras. lo que no tanto son los vestuarios, pero que seria un johnny sin lentejuelas.

I like a lot this preview, they look so good, i wanna go to the concert T_T!! i love aiba~ Aiba Hat is the BEST hahaha, and i love this boys, the only think i can't eat... is the shine outfit , why always johnnys have a lot of lights? hahaha.

Total are 51 pic with previews :3 hope you like it, and download~~




credits to raw-photo.net

in other way, i jut wanna know, someone upload the HQ 
scan for MYojo and Popolo 08 2010?
i can do it, but please tell me XD

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  1. sanada30 Says:
  2. Thank you so much for sharing ^^

  3. love the pics :)

  4. tachokura Says:
  5. Thank you very muchm(__)m

  6. shunluv Says:
  7. thank you very much<33
    i wanna go to the concert too T_T
    everyone looking sooo good<33

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. wahhh...thank you!!! XD...i can roughly make up which is aiba and jun's solo outfits (cause i saw some other pix somewhere)..but i really had no idea about ohno nino and sho's XD..haha. their clothes are kinda dramatic XD..not saying it's a bad thing!..i like some of them XD..but you can tell arashi's wardrobe is back XD..haha

    hmm..weird..when i wanna comment as my lj account it won't work X_X...hehe..i'm DarkLaharl XD

  12. bliz1619 Says:
  13. Thanks your pix. I hope this con will be release in DVD. T^T

  14. kazenomukoe Says:
  15. thank you for sharing :3
    i wanna go to the concert too T_T
    i want to see boys T__T i am so sad ,that i can't go

  16. sandreen Says:
  17. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  18. bubbledrops Says:
  19. thanks for sharing!

  20. myuhikk Says:
  21. Thank you
    nino so cute ♥

  22. geekyoldme Says:
  23. THANKS FOR SHARING!! Aiba-chan's hat looks cute!! AND NINO LOOK AWESOMELY HOT!! Not to forget sho-chan too! XD

  24. belalangchan Says:
  25. uwaaaaa..!! thank u so much for sharing..!

  26. anesato Says:
  27. Ochan hot and cute , and he again have black hair ;DDDDDD i LIKE ALL OUTFITS, BUT FROM solo outfits I like most Ochan siply becouse is most normal ;DDD and classic. Arashi saiko ;D
    Thanks ;D

  28. Cammie Says:
  29. thank you so much! they all look so happy!^_^

  30. Thank you so much~! (^_^)
    They look like they're enjoying themselves!
    I wish I could go to their concert!
    Maybe one day I'll be able to!

  31. ireshi Says:
  32. muchas muchas graciias, !!!
    desde el sabado me he estado cortando las venas con galletas de animalitos, porke no podre ir a ningun concierto, y el DVD sale hasta marzo o abril, asi ke por lo menos estas imagenes seran un consuelo!!! kyaa!! se ve ke el concierto estubo GENIALOSISISIMO, pero bueno, otra vez gracias por las imagenes ;)

  33. Claudia Says:
  34. perfectos ♥

  35. giddytears03 Says:
  36. thank you sooo much for sharing ^_^

  37. uruwashigurl Says:
  38. arigatou sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! ^.^

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. Thank you for sharing.

  41. Ms. Washu Says:
  42. the costumes are so wild but way better than the princess-like gowns they use to get stuck in...thanks for sharing.

  43. nishy-ai Says:
  44. thank you

  45. chryst20 Says:
  46. i love the pics! :) thank you so much.

  47. rim1789 Says:
  48. Thank you for the pics. Owwww Nino is so cute ! Haha Aiba in leopard hat and costmue reminds me of Shimura zoo when he came in contact with real ones XD

    Not much of Sho in the preview you posted xD Just kidding. Anyway Oo Matsujun that's a weird costume you have here (bottom left, last pic)...I wonder for what song he had to wear that (since Riida and Aiba have one ...Different from his though...But clearly the same weurd stylist)

  49. Anonymous Says:
  50. thanks a lot...

  51. aonose Says:
  52. thank you so much :)

  53. kitsubaki Says:
  54. Thank you for sharing ^^


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